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TeleDentistry - call to schedule

We are now able to offer TeleDental appointments to diagnose and temporarily treat pain and infections.

What is TeleDentistry?

​Teledentistry is the diagnoses and treatment of emergency dental conditions through the use of audio and video equipment.


1. What's the advantage of using teledentistry?


          Teledentistry is a tool that can be used to diagnose and treat dental conditions when an in-person appointment isn't possible. It's available both during and outside of normal office hours. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it provides a way to properly triage patients to determine if a true emergency, in-office visit is necessary.

2. What kind of conditions can teledentistry treat?

          Most dental concerns can be treated through teledentistry. This includes pain, swelling, and inflammation.  An electronically submitted prescription medication may help the underlying dental condition. Depending on the diagnosis, the doctor will determine if the patient needs to be seen in the office. In some cases, the patient may be referred to a specialist or local hospital.


3. Why can't this be done over the phone?

          Both audio and video are required for the doctor to legally evaluate, diagnose, and treat dental conditions.

4. Will the doctor prescribe pain medication through teledentistry?

          Many types of prescriptions can be prescribed including prescription strength non-narcotic pain relievers. No narcotic medications will be prescribed through teledentistry.


  1. A device capable of transmitting and receiving audio and video. This can be a laptop, phone or tablet.

  2. All necessary forms must be completed and signed. This can be accomplished online with a touchscreen device or by printing and scanning the forms. We can help you through this process, but we must have all forms completed prior to the appointment.

  3. Private health insurance that covers teledentistry appointments or prepayment of $99 for a limited focus teledental exam.

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