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3 Signs That You Need Emergency Dental Care

While individuals should see their dentist twice a year for a cleaning and checkup and set an appointment for issues like toothaches, emergency dental care is sometimes required. This service is to help those who are in severe pain or have had an accident that will create further problems without immediate assistance. The guide below will help you determine whether your situation is urgent. 

What Are Signs Calling for Emergency Dental Care?

1. Dental Abscess

A pus-filled pocket, known as an abscess, can form on an infected tooth root. It typically occurs because of tooth decay or gum disease and is the body’s way of containing the infection. You might feel pain and experience problems swallowing, breathing, and sleeping due to the size of the abscess. It can also cause a fever from the body trying to kill the infection or a foul taste in your mouth from leaking pus. Emergency dental care typically includes draining the abscess and taking antibiotics to prevent re-infection. 

2. Loose Tooth

Teeth loosen due to impact-related accidents, such as getting hit in the face with a ball, or because of dental health issues like gum disease. As the gums recede from bacteria and plaque buildup, the solid foundation they provide teeth weakens. Loose teeth from gum disease eventually fall out. 

Treatment depends on the reason for the loose tooth. For example, if it is injury-related, the dentist may try splinting, which involves using a piece of metal to bond the tooth with adjacent teeth. If the issue is due to gum disease, treatment might require flap surgery. This means surgically pulling the gums back for scaling purposes to remove the excessive bacteria. 

3. Broken or Knocked-Out Tooth

A tooth can chip or get knocked out from assorted impacts, such as biking and sporting accidents, or from biting a hard piece of food. The latter can also cause teeth to chip and break. Emergency dental care for a chipped tooth includes filing the sharp edge down and applying a veneer or putting a dental crown over the tooth if the chip is severe. 

For a knocked-out tooth, it can be possible to reattach it; however, you must use saliva or cold milk to preserve it until you reach the dental office. Both actions keep the tooth’s nerve fibers alive for reattachment. 


Request emergency dental care from Splendental Family and Cosmetic Dentistry for these and other reasons, such as a severe toothache or a broken crown. This center in Columbus, OH, uses state-of-the-art technology to provide quality services and accepts most insurance carriers. Call (614) 588-0678 today to make an appointment. Learn more about their offerings online. Read the latest reviews on Google

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